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Colombian Coffee is mystical, magical and very special, that is why each part of its story deserves a special place in our hearts.

Thanks to the vegetation, treatment of the land and mild climate of the slopes of the mountains, where it is grown, Colombian coffee offers a unique and special taste. The fine, fresh and intense flavours are the characteristics that most attract the attention of coffee experts and the people who consume it.

It is inevitable that every time you talk about Colombia you think of the land where coffee is grown since it is an essential part of and one of the most emblematic and solid cultures of the country. Having a cup of Colombian coffee can mentally transport you to its beauty, colonial architecture, warm climate and spaces where traditions are kept alive. Beyond that, Barista Coffee wants to transmit the culture and friendliness of its people.

A good-tasting coffee requires the perfect combination of height, location, terrain, nutrients and care, which is why Colombia, being a mountainous country, offers the best conditions to grow high-quality coffee. Thanks to dozens of micro-climates across the country, Colombia is a land that’s particularly well-suited for coffee growing. The thousands of nutrient-dense hills and mountains, the wet climate, and the high elevation make it the perfect environment to grow excellent coffee.

Not only are the climate conditions ideal but there is also a sort of pride that most Colombian coffee growers have which makes them treat the coffee process as a wine producer treats its grapes, in this case, Colombian farmers carefully handpicked the beans and pay close attention to them all throughout the stages that lead to a great cup of coffee landing in your hands.

That is why, Colombia-born Ramiro Ariza, the CEO & Founder of Barista Coffee, has made it his mission to share his knowledge about the process of coffee with the public. He also plans, in the near future, to distribute coffee across Canada and to open up a cafe in Toronto so that each person who comes to Barista Coffee will fall in love with coffee all over again.

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