Drip Bag Wush Wush

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About 30 years ago, wush wush, arrived in Colombia.
This product contains 10 units per box.

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About 30 years ago, wush wush, arrived in Colombia. Since then, it has continued to be one of the most exquisite varieties due to its altitude and fertility of Colombian lands, are beneficial characteristics obtaining delicate, fruity and floral notes leaving nuances of red fruits, blackberry and raspberry, dark chocolate with blueberries and nibs of cocoa.

The process our Colombian Wush Wush

The perfectly ripe cherries are harvested by hand by our Farmers.Cherries then enter a classifier that selects the cherries by size, and from there they pass into an optical classifier that further selects cherries by the perfect ripeness color. The selected cherries by size and color then start their controlled fermentation period of anaerobic fermentation for 36 hours. Then the cherries are pulped and the next period of anaerobic fermentation in mucilage begins for a 60 hour period. When the second fermentation period is completed, the coffee is lightly rinsed and placed in a special fiber sack and they are hung to allow excess mucilage to "drip" out of the sacks. The coffee then is placed in the pre-drying deck for a period of 20 hours to begin its dehydration phase. When it reaches 20% humidity it is then placed in raised bed for its period of slow, natural drying until it reaches 11% humidity.



barista coffee Origin Tolima, Colombia
barista coffee Process prolonged fermentation
barista coffee Altitude 1,773 m.a.s.l
barista coffee Roast Medium
barista coffee Aroma red plum, pepper
barista coffee Sweetness honeyed sweet, sweet cocoa and plum
barista coffee Acidity High, citrusy, bright
barista coffee Body silky, delicate
barista coffee Flavour red fruits, tropical with ripe fruits, spicy, black pepper and cinnamon
Cupping score 89.00

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Weight 0.167 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 12 cm

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1 review for Drip Bag Wush Wush

  1. Samantha

    This coffee is great for special ocassions.

    An elegant, silky, deeply aromatic Ethiopia coffee of the rare Wush Wush variety, it makes a great gift for any coffee lover.

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